"The tale is irresistible from the first scene onward!"

Lia Fietz, NY correspondent Tribeca, Cannes and Berlin

"This is a brilliantly atmospheric, engaging and stylish contemporary adult thriller with a cultish pedigree."

Phillip Bergson, Film Critic, UK, Member of Fipresci

"A thrilling Hitchcockian standalone piece."

Mr. Will Wong, Toronto Film Critic

"A stylish world of affluent professionals head-ons with the underworld."

Quendrith Johnson, Film Critic Foreign Press Association LA & MPAA

"A riveting thriller set in one of America's last real cities."

Vanessa McMahon, Accredited at Cannes Film Festival

"Dead on Arrival: A slick, contemporary neo-noir that is a fine tribute to Rudolph Mate's classic!"

Tom Llewellin, Radio Journalist / Montreal, CUTV, Festival Producer at Montreal International Film Festival

"Captivating 'Dead on Arrival' by Stephen C. Sepher ranks high on all criteria one can apply to a noir film."

Claus Mueller, Correspondent NY Film Festival Foreign Press

"It's an ensemble cast that comes together as an effective unit."

Siraj Syed: B.Sc., LL.B., Critic Member of Fipresci India

"An intriguing and thrilling journey with Sepher's sharp dialogues and gritty punch-lines contribute to a fast pace, along with a soundtrack that adds an extra thrilling spice!"

Martin I. Petrov, World of Fests Glasgow Film Festival

"Dead on Arrival by Stephen C. Sepher (Heist) stands the test of time; an impressive cast giving a fresh take to an edgy paced story."

Laurie Gordon, Festival Director Animaze Montreal