Dead on Arrival poster Billy Flynn as Sam Collins Christa B. Allen

Emmy nominated Billy Flynn stars in an ensemble cast as Sam Collins, a pharmaceutical sales rep who visits a small town in Louisiana to close the business deal of a lifetime. He finds himself in a dark world of sex, corruption and murder as he is poisoned with no antidote to save his life. Desperate for answers, with less than 24 hours to live, Sam turns to a local girl Jesse. Their path leads to a voodoo priestess who only confirms Sam's doomed fate. On the run, caught in a deadly vertigo with no one to trust, Sam and Jesse find themselves running from police detectives, the Mob and a dirty sheriff who wants him dead.

Inspired by the 1950 classic noir thriller D.O.A.




"A thrilling Hitchcockian standalone piece."
- Mr. Will Wong, Toronto Film Critic

"A stylish world of affluent professionals head-ons with the underworld."
- Quendrith Johnson, Film Critic Foreign Press Association LA & MPAA

"A riveting thriller set in one of America's last real cities."
- Vanessa McMahon, Accredited at Cannes Film Festival

"Dead on Arrival: A slick, contemporary neo-noir that is a fine tribute to Rudolph Mate's classic!"
- Tom Llewellin, Radio Journalist / Montreal, CUTV, Festival Producer at Montreal International Film Festival

"Captivating 'Dead on Arrival' by Stephen C. Sepher ranks high on all criteria one can apply to a noir film."
- Claus Mueller, Correspondent NY Film Festival Foreign Press

"It's an ensemble cast that comes together as an effective unit."
- Siraj Syed: B.Sc., LL.B., Critic Member of Fipresci India

"An Intriguing and thrilling journey with Sepher's sharp dialogues and gritty punch-lines contribute to a fast pace, along with a soundtrack that adds an extra thrilling spice!"
- Martin I. Petrov, World of Fests Glasgow Film Festival

"Dead on Arrival by Stephen C. Sepher (Heist) stands the test of time: an impressive cast giving a fresh take to an edgy paced story."
- Laurie Gordon, Festival Director Animaze Montreal